Galaxy Venture Capital

Galaxy Venture Capital (GVC) provides investors with a broad range of highly attractive investment opportunities, both through the acquisition of growing companies and complex high-yield structured finance positions. 

Additionally, GVC provides startups and early stage companies with the collaborative elevation capital and entity-wide infrastructure support needed to garner true scalable enterprise value.

Galaxy Venture Capital (GVC) offers creative and innovative investment solutions that appeal to even the largest Private Equity investor, High Net Worth Individual, Hedge Fund, Pension Fund, Insurance Company and Structured Finance client, while still maintaining a hands-on approach with the underlying portfolio companies and projects.

When investing in product based companies, GVC invests in proof-of-concept and market-validated products, takes a hands-on approach and offers the global support of its partners.

GVC partners have salient expertise in global structured finance, private placements, global consumer packaged goods (CPG), internet, eCommerce, mobile, biotech, media and entertainment. GVC leverages its synergistic global networks, seasoned venture partners, investors and entrepreneurs to form a consortium of market experts and players.

Through a multi-level investment strategy, we maximize every opportunity for both the underlying portfolio companies and our investors.


Structured Finance

Technology / Biotechnology

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Media & Entertainment

Global eCommerce


GVC strategically focuses on the markets that directly mirror its venture partner’s strengths and expertise to allow for the greatest collaborative contributions, deepest synergistic networks and superior investor returns.

Hands-on Capital

Structured Finance Positions

Brand Strategy & Value Creation

Global Strategic Partnerships & Foreign Expansion

Scalable Enterprise Support

Exit Assistance

GVC accepts both pooled and singular investment capital and has a multitude of highly attractive investment vehicles. No two investors are alike, nor are their expectations or desired structure, which is why GVC offers a custom fund strategy for each investor. Regardless of whether the client wishes to invest in high-yield structured finance solutions and have GVC manage the buy/sell strategy, or whether they wish to take a direct investment position in an underlying portfolio, any structure is considered and GVC will optimize each investment to fit the best needs of the investor.

Methodical + Selective + Integrated

Invest in Entrepreneurs

Collaborative Improvements

Invest in Scalable & Impactful Companies

Advance Production Technology & Expand Distribution

Increase Company Value